Sign Language Pro 1.1

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Learn to sign like a PRO with THOUSANDS of words formed into 125+ complete sentences using common phrases & idioms along with 3 teachers and about correct grammar, sentence structures, Deaf Culture and organizations!

ASL Sentence Examples:

1. I'm hot.

2. I'm tired of cooking every night. Let's eat out for a change.

3. I've been looking for the library, where is it?

4. Long time no see!

5. My friend told me you have a problem; what's up with that?

6. Nice to meet you.

7. No way!

8. nothing to it, no biggie, no big deal

9. One minute, please.

10. Please email me.

11. Please put it down.

12. See you later.

13. Show me the three cards.

14. Stop picking on the little girl. Just leave her alone!

15. That's not true!

16. Try to think positive.

17. What are you doing tonight?

18. What did you say?

19. What is your favorite movie?

20. What time will pizza be delivered?

21. Where are you learning sign?

22. Who is your teacher?

23. Would you please hold on, we're not done talking.

24. You go straight down and make a right then a quick left; you will find a candy machine there.

25. You sign very well!

26. Are you looking for trouble?

27. Be careful driving.

28. Can I help you?

29. darn it

30. Did you see my vlog?

31. Do you have any coffee?

32. Do you know that…

33. Do you need help with homework?

34. Do you understand me?

35. don't like, do not like, does not like, dislike

36. Don't worry.

37. excuse me, pardon me, would you please excuse me…

38. Forget it.

39. good luck

40. hey (as a good way to get a person's attention)

41. Holy cow, there were five cars involved in an accident on the parkway.

42. Hurry up!

43. I am not too sure.

44. I don't care.

45. I don't think so.

46. I got ice cream but I am not hungry, do you want some?

47. I heard a rumor that you are married, is it true?

48. I love you (applies to friendship and/or romance)

49. I overslept and was late for school. I'm in trouble!

50. I want to learn more ASL!

51. I'm cold.

52. Your clothes smell so bad. Have you washed them? Never?

53. Are you sure?

54. bear with me / be patient

55. Can you fingerspell again please?

56. Did you email me?

57. Did you spit on that boy? Why?

58. Do you have Facebook?

59. Do you know the teacher?

60. Do you think your children should have flu shots?

61. don't know, do not know, dunno

62. don't want, do not want

63. Excuse me, I have to leave in a hurry, would you please move your car.

64. For example

65. Good idea.

66. Happy Birthday

67. Hold on, please.

68. How's your family?

69. I am not stupid!

70. I ate already.

71. I don't remember the teacher.

72. I got a flat tire, what should I do?

73. I haven't seen you in a long time.

74. I like to watch TV

75. I need to go home.

76. I torn up the letter!

77. I'll come back later.

78. I'm happy to see you.

79. I'm sorry.

80. It's nothing new.

81. Let's practice signing.

82. My friend and I went out to see a movie called "Avatar".

83. nah (wave-no)

84. No rush! (take your time)

85. Not yet.

86. oh, really?

87. Please don't force me, I am really tired.

88. Please let me know.

89. Please write it down.

90. Should I go to the parent-teacher meeting?

91. Sorry! I overslept.

92. thank you, thanks

93. Try not to drink and drive.

94. What are you doing?

95. What happened?

96. What is your name?

97. What to do?

98. Where is she from?

99. Why did you leave school early today?

100. Wouldn't you mind if we could back it up, I am trying to understand.

101. You had detention? What happened?

102. You're right.

103. I'm fine, thanks and love ya!

and MUCH more!

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